St. Joseph

Community Festival 

What makes our festival  better than the rest... Live music in our Beer Garden every night, top that off with Fireworks on Friday night;   your family will have fun, fun, fun!  

The festival has partnered with Houghton Entertainment Inc. to ensure there are many new rides for everyone! We plan all year to make sure you will have fun and excitement at the festival.


2015 Wedding occurred during our festival! Congratulations and may your life together be a "Merry Go Round"!

This year's Chairman are looking forward to seeing you in June!

 June 21-25 2016


A place for the community and parish to come together!

Every year people come back for Frank Manetta's famous sausage and peppers. We have a large assortment of homemade food every night. We also have the largest bake sale in Downingtown! 

Tuesday - Saturday 6-10 PM
Fireworks on Friday night!

Purchase tickets starting in February